What Are Some Of The Most Popular Flowers To Grow In Canada?

Apologies for the long lapse in posting, but I have been dealing with some health issues. And now in the midst of winter, I see the lawn covered with snow, and I can only dream of planting and caring for my precious irises. So rather than dream, I thought I would write about a question that someone recently asked me, which was what are the most popular flowers to grow.

Canada is a beautiful country, and you want a beautiful backyard. What flowers should you plant? You want to grow flowers and plants that will do well in that climate for sure. No doubt, there are plenty of landscapers, gardeners and homeowners that have left good advice about what the best flowers are to grow in Canada. Let’s take a look at what some of them are.

Did you know that geraniums make the list? In fact, they do, but it is a specific type of geranium that is best for growing there. It is called the Cranesbill Geranium. Have you seen what they look like? As you read about these flowers, you will see that they are perennials. Are you wanting to plant both perennials and annuals? Cranesbill Geraniums are popular, and there are plenty more flowers that are popular, too.

The Sea Spray Rose is also quite popular, and it is also known as the Rose Rugosa. It is said that these types of roses are actually easy to grow, and they are a great addition to any garden in Canada, especially those along the east coast. If you are wondering about soil type and condition, any soil will do for the most part.

See, it’s about what looks good and is also easy to grow. Gardening doesn’t have to be difficult in Canada. It can be easy enough when you know what to plant and what will look best in your yard. Then you can keep those flowers blooming gorgeously and have the most beautiful garden in your neighborhood. We had a client that owns a home remodeling company, and I am linking to them because they are so kind. Anyway, they took my advice on planting, and now have a victory garden of their own.

Are you ready to make it happen? I’m going to recommend one more to you. It is the day lily, and there are some really cool day lilies to add to your landscape. It is nearly time to start planting.

British Columbia’s Beautiful Flowers And Irises

Known for its beautiful scenery, wineries, migrating birds, and amazing variety of outdoor activities, British Columbia is one of the most beautiful regions of Canada. There are also countless different flowers that grow in the area, making it a gardener’s paradise.

The iris is one of British Columbia’s most well-known flowers. Grown from bulbs, these flowers return year after year. That means that they can be planted in the garden once and continue to provide beauty and enjoyment each time growing season rolls around.

There are even groups of enthusiasts who are dedicated to nothing but the irises of British Columbia. These groups hold meetings and garden tours, as well as activities for their members such as photo contests. For flower lovers, joining a group like this is a dream. Being able to be surrounded by people who are just as passionate about irises as you are can be a great feeling. (more…)

The Dogwood and Iris

While the Pacific Dogwood is the official flower of the British Columbia province, it seems the official favourite is the Iris. The designation of official flower in 1956 still holds today. The beautiful white cluster blossoms which peak in April and May are still a treasure to behold.

The Iris family, however, seems to be one of the most popular and beautiful flowers of British Columbia. There are societies where fans and gardeners of the species share photographs of all different colored irises.

The Yellow Flag Iris is one of the most popular of the irises. It grows quickly and spreads over the valleys fast, almost as if it feels the need to blanket all of British Columbia with its glory so as not to be outdone by the dogwood.

In actuality, the horizontal root systems allow the seeds to disperse under water where they then float downstream and settle in other spots. This is how the plant grows across so much of the provincial outdoors naturally with no provocation from humans. (more…)

How To Grow Healthy Irises In Canada

While the growing season in Canada is short, with some careful planning you can enjoy a garden full of gorgeous irises for up to eight weeks. Iris flowers are beautiful and they do well in Canadian gardens. They add color and depth to your garden and they deserve a spot where everyone can see how beautiful they are. Read on for some tips that will ensure your irises are healthy and happy.

The word iris comes from the Greek word for rainbow. This is a apt description as irises come in all the colors of the rainbow and their rich colors are a delight to anyone who views them. Irises make fantastic cut flowers and while they only bloom for a week, you can stagger planting the bulbs so they flower the entire growing season, which begins in late April and ends at the end of June. This gives you two entire months of gorgeous irises in your garden. (more…)

British Columbia Flowers – The Iris and Other Favorites

In 1956, British Columbia designated the Pacific Dogwood as the official province flower. The cornus nuttallii as it is known in Latin is a protected species of plant in Canada. The plant makes blossoms of cream-colored clusters in the spring. During the fall, the plant produces red berries. While this is the official flower, the Yellow Flag Iris is often confused with it as having its status.

The Yellow Flag Iris is not the official flower of British Columbia, but it is easy to understand why it may be confused as being so. It grows vastly throughout the province’s southern area. It spreads quickly, especially in the Okanagan and Similkameen valleys. The seeds disperse quickly and are helped by the horizontal root system of the plant that can grow into thickets especially under bodies of water.

Often bits of the plant break off at the roots and float downstream, thereby increasing their ability to proliferate in other areas so fast. Besides growing naturally, many gardening enthusiasts enjoy planting and caring for the iris at home. The plant is sold in nurseries and is best planted in mulch. (more…)

Iris Flowers For Your Canadian Garden

Canada is known for beautiful flowers, the iris in particular. While flowers aren’t hard to grow in Canada, you will want to spend some time researching the type of flowers you want to grow and how to arrange them in your garden. You will probably want to spend some time researching the different types of irises as well so you can plant the varieties that make you the happiest.

Bearded irises are especially lovely. The word iris comes from the Greek word for rainbow. This makes a lot of sense because irises mirror the beauty of the rainbow in a spectrum of vivid colors. The colors of irises are dramatic and they make perfect cut flowers.

Once they bloom, the flowers will last for a week, and you can stagger your plantings so you have continual blooms for eight weeks. Irises usually start to bloom in late April and the blooming period ends in late June. Some varieties will even bloom again.

When you are planting your Irises, you want to make sure that they are in a spot that is going to get at least six hours of sun each day. The soil should be light and well-drained. Irises hate clay soil, so if your soil is clay, be sure to add compost or sand to it.

You want to get your Irises into the ground by the middle of August and cover them with a layer of dirt. Putting soil on top of the bulbs helps to protect them from freezing and thawing which will leave them less vulnerable to rotting. You can plant them in groups and allow at least 40 centimeters between each plant so they aren’t too crowded. Irises make a fantastic addition to any Canadian garden and their beauty is legendary.

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