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While the growing season in Canada is short, with some careful planning you can enjoy a garden full of gorgeous irises for up to eight weeks. Iris flowers are beautiful and they do well in Canadian gardens. They add color and depth to your garden and they deserve a spot where everyone can see how beautiful they are. Read on for some tips that will ensure your irises are healthy and happy.

The word iris comes from the Greek word for rainbow. This is a apt description as irises come in all the colors of the rainbow and their rich colors are a delight to anyone who views them. Irises make fantastic cut flowers and while they only bloom for a week, you can stagger planting the bulbs so they flower the entire growing season, which begins in late April and ends at the end of June. This gives you two entire months of gorgeous irises in your garden.

You will want to plant your iris bulbs in an area of your garden that gets at least six hours of sun each day. The soil should be well drained and if you have clay soil, you will want to amend it with compost because irises hate clay soil. You should aim on having your bulbs in the ground by the end of August and be sure to cover them with a light layer of soil which will help to protect them from the freezing and thawing cycle which can lead to rot.

If you follow these instructions, you should have a thriving iris garden by the time April rolls around. Irises give your garden a lush and colorful look and you can cut them and use them inside your home in a beautiful vase.