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While the Pacific Dogwood is the official flower of the British Columbia province, it seems the official favourite is the Iris. The designation of official flower in 1956 still holds today. The beautiful white cluster blossoms which peak in April and May are still a treasure to behold.

The Iris family, however, seems to be one of the most popular and beautiful flowers of British Columbia. There are societies where fans and gardeners of the species share photographs of all different colored irises.

The Yellow Flag Iris is one of the most popular of the irises. It grows quickly and spreads over the valleys fast, almost as if it feels the need to blanket all of British Columbia with its glory so as not to be outdone by the dogwood.

In actuality, the horizontal root systems allow the seeds to disperse under water where they then float downstream and settle in other spots. This is how the plant grows across so much of the provincial outdoors naturally with no provocation from humans.

When humans do wish to grow their irises, they can purchase the seeds in nurseries and can take advantage of the moist soil in the area to ensure the proper growth and flowering of the iris.

The Yellow Flag is identified by having three petals that point up in contrast to its three sepals that curve backwards. The iris can grow in colours like purple, dark purple and lavender. Enthusiasts have heartfelt opinions about the plants they lovingly grow and photograph. A huge following of society members enjoy debating their beauty online.

The Yellow Flag is the most naturally grown variety in British Columbia, but gardening lovers like the Western Blue Iris, the Oregon Iris and others to grow and discuss as just some of their favoruite flowers of British Columbia.